variloc heavy

Tried, trusted and robust

variloc heavy is designed for extremely heavy use. Both the housing and clamping element are made from metal and are thus particularly strong. The high-strength powder coating used on the die-cast zinc housing originates from the automotive industry and is extremely durable.

The clamping element attaches tightly to the handlebar, offering little opportunity for vandalism. The drilling screw reaches right into the handlebar, which ensures a solid fit and prevents the lock from turning.

variloc heavy can also be supplied with a metal interior for particularly heavy use.

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  • Protective

    Metal housing and clamp guarantee durability and protection against vandalism.

  • Flexible

    The variloc heavy is also available with two coin slots for different sized coins.

  • Service friendly

    The top is extremely easy to replace.

  • Durable

    The engraved coin symbol is extremely durable.

  • Compatible

    The well established S-shaped key used on the variloc makes it compatible with the systec smartloc and duraloc.

  • Well proven

    The key and chain are made of rust-proof stainless steel. The small and easy to handle key is also extremely sturdy thanks to its S-shape feature.

  • Extremely robust

    The joint between key and chain is rock solid. The plastic casing is moulded around this joint and therefore extremely resilient.

  • Cost saving

    To reduce costs, the key and chain are also available with a zinc nickel coating.