variloc combi

Sturdy and economical

Just like the variloc heavy, the housing is made of metal and the clamping element of high-performance, long-lasting plastic. This is the economical solution for heavy loads.

The clamping element attaches tightly to the handle bar which provides better protection against vandalism. The anti-twist feature prevents twisting through the use of a self drilling screw, thus ensuring a firm position on the handle. 

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  • Resilient

    The hard powder coating on the zinc die-cast housing is the same as that used in the automobile industry. The clamping element is made of high-performance plastic which is particularly hard-wearing.

  • Durable

    The engraved coin symbol is extremely durable.

  • Solid fit

    The drilling screw through the handle effectively prevents the variloc from turning.

  • Cost saving

    To reduce costs, the key and chain are also available with a zinc nickel coating. The well-established S-shaped key used on the variloc combi makes it compatible with the systec variloc heavy, duraloc and smartloc.