Simple & compact

smartloc combines strength with a compact design. Its small size significantly reduces the opportunity for vandalism. smartloc can also be supplied with reinforced mechanical die-cast zinc components, which makes it suitable for use on transport trolleys.

Our special smartloc U model is compatible with uniloc. The coin cassette can be easily and quickly replaced and has a proven track record through use on our euroloc model. smartloc can be supplied with one as well as two coin slots for coins with significantly different diameters.

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  • Compact

    smartloc is extremely small reducing the opportunity for vandalism.

  • Simple

    One screw secures the lock to the handle bar, holds the chain in place and stops the lock from twisting.

  • Service friendly

    The coin cassette can be replaced easily and quickly.

  • Durable

    The engraved coin symbol is extremely long-lasting.

  • Adaptable

    The coin lock is also available with two coin slots for coins with different diameters.

  • Strong

    Our smartloc model with reinforced mechanical die-cast zinc components is suitable for use on transport trolleys. 

  • Special design

    Our special model smartloc U can be used together with the uniloc.

  • Compatible

    The well established S-shaped key used on the smartloc makes it compatible with the systec variloc and duraloc.

  • Well-proven

    The key and chain are made of rust-proof stainless steel. The small and easy to handle key is also extremely sturdy thanks to its S-shape feature.

  • Extremely robust

    The joint between key and chain is rock solid. The plastic casing is moulded around this joint and therefore extremely resilient.

  • Cost saving

    To reduce costs, the key and chain are also available with a zinc nickel coating.