Handy advertising panel

The ClipOn is the ideal marketing partner for conventional round handles. With its large advertising panel the ClipOn is a real attention catcher. Perfect for private labels, third-party advertising or a map of the store layout. Important instructions or warnings are immediately seen by the customer if placed on the ClipOn. Even if the coin deposit lock is already installed, the ClipOn can easily be mounted at a later date.

The ClipOn-models:

ClipOn duo     -    With two attractive advertising panels

ClipOn eco     -     Equipped with one large advertising panel on top

ClipOn duo S  -    Smaller version with two advertising panels

ClipOn eco S  -     Smaller version with one advertising panel on top

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  • ClipOn Duo
  • ClipOn eco
  • ClipOn duo S
  • ClipOn eco S
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