Handles everything!

With the new euroloc, shopping trolleys will lead with style. Its ergonomical design as well as extreme
sturdiness are the two outstanding features. As it is positioned on the far right, the entire handle is left free,
offering attractive advertising space.

The euroloc can be delivered for round tube handles as well as for our ergogrip FG.

Like all coin deposit systems from systec, the euroloc has a service friendly design. Mounting is easy and quick,
no drilling or screws required.

The euroloc is time-saving and cost-effective. The coin cassette can be exchanged within seconds and the clever
design makes the right end cap redundant.

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  • Well designed

    The integrated design fits perfectly on the shopping trolley and it also provides better protection against vandalism as neither housing nor working parts protrude.

  • Attractive

    Positioned on the far right leaving the entire handle free for adverts or advertising clips.

  • Easy to handle

    The ergonomical design guarantees easy manoeuvring of the shopping trolley.

  • International

    The coin lock is also available with two coin slots for coins with different diameters.

  • Durable

    Coin symbols are engraved and therefore long lasting.

  • Quick & easy

    The euroloc can be mounted quickly and easily. No drilling, no screws.

  • Service friendly

    Coin cassette and chain can be exchanged in seconds.

  • Extra strong

    As an optional extra the euroloc is available with a metal locking hook which withholds a drag force of up to 380 kg.

  • Tried and tested

    The key and chain are made of rust-proof stainless steel. The S-shape feature and its small size make the key easy to handle and extremely sturdy.

  • Extremely robust

    The joint between key and chain is rock solid. The plastic casing is moulded around this joint and therefore extremely resilient.

  • Clever

    Installation of the special euroloc S-model effectively prevents different types of trolleys being chained to one another.

  • Cost saving

    To reduce costs, key and chain are also available with a zinc nickel coating.

  • linestop colours

    No more blocked access roads, emergency exits or parking spaces and no more endless rows of trolleys. The length of each row of shopping trolleys can be restricted using linestop colours. Each row has its own colour. By using coded keys and appropriately coded trolley locks, only red can be attached to red, yellow to yellow etc.. The customer returns his trolley to the row where he got it from. Quite simple.

    The number of trolley locks per colour determines the maximum row size. The linestop colours system is available exclusively for systec trolley locks. Several major European retail chains are already successfully using it.

    linestop colours gives excellent value for money. It costs only slightly more than the standard euroloc, but the car park can be effectively organised.