Simple & effective

SmartStop is a mechanical containment system for shopping trolleys. SmartStop makes sure that shopping trolleys
stay where they belong - on the car park.

Two SmartStop castors are mounted diagonally and are activated by a magnet set into the ground. If the trolley
is moved slightly sideways, the two SmartStop castors lock at an angle of 30°. The trolley can then only be moved
in circles and this effectively prevents the removal of shopping trolleys from the premises.

Once the trolley is moved back over the magnet, the castors automatically unlock and the trolley can be used again.

The locking mechanism is triggered by permanent magnets. SmartStop is fully mechanical, virtually maintenance-free
and does not require any batteries. Compared to other security systems, the locking process is gentle, no sudden braking,
but only a soft rotating motion.

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  • Economic

    SmartStop replaces two of the regular castors, making it particularly cost effective.

  • Proven track record

    SmartStop uses original shopping trolley castors.

  • Universal

    SmartStop is also available for travelator castors.

  • Smart

    The locking mechanism can easily be unlocked by pushing the trolley over the SmartStick.

  • Easy to use

    The magnetic rail is only 20mm by 20mm and very easy to install. SmartStop is virtually maintenance-free and does not require transmitters, batteries or a power supply.