The intelligent lending system

With the multiloc you can lend sun loungers, bikes, seating in parks or other useful articles and still guarantee their return. The card is simply inserted into the slot, the rotary switch is turned and the article is free to use. On the article’s return the multiloc is reconnected to the connector key and the card is released.multiloc ensures articles used on an intermittent basis, such as forklift trucks, tools or projectors, are always returned to the correct depository after use.Its robust and functional style guarantees a long life-cycle. Components are made of weather-proof plastic and steel making them perfect for outdoor use.

  • The management of on-site bikes

    Multiloc is the perfect solution for the organisation of on-site bikes. Every bike is fitted with a multiloc. Chains with keys which are connected to the multiloc are installed in the parking bay.Every employee receives a card with which they can release the lock. This card remains in the lock until the bike is returned to the parking bay and reattached to the chain. Once the key from the chain is inserted into the lock the employee can remove their card.The bikes can only be returned to and locked up at their designated parking bay. In this way the multiloc enhances the overall image of a well-maintained company site and its workshops. Implementation of the multiloc system is cost-effective since through the availability of a pool of company bikes up to 30% fewer bikes are needed.

  • The multiloc card

    Clever: The multiloc card is protected against manipulation thanks to its press cut and integrated metal disc. Through the addition of a barcode or serial number the cards can easily be correctly assigned to their user.

    Flexible: With seven different code options it is easy to keep track of which article has been lent out.

    Practical: Also available in credit card size thus making it easier to store alongside your plant ID.