• Digital

    With the ergoNext, systec has developed the next generation shopping trolley handle. Whether with integrated digital deposit lock, conventional coin deposit lock or both, ergoNext can do everything. The ergoNext is of course also available without any locking function to just work nicely as an advertising handle.

  • EASY

    The EASY smartphone holder can be integrated into the ergoNext allowing the customer to use their smartphone and have their hands free while shopping. The smartphone is simply slid into the holder and remains in place. The EASY works of course also for bigger phones like the iPhone Pro, even with Otterbox or Battery Cases.

  • Ergonomic & Antistatic

    With the ergoNext maneuverability is king. No matter how heavily loaded a shopping cart is, with the ergoNext pushing a shopping trolley feels just so much more comfortable. No more annoying electric shocks, the built in antistatic function prevents effectively the built up of a static charge.