Company profile

A glowing start

In 1974 Horst Sonnendorfer and Franz Wieth founded the company systec. The young entrepreneurs achieved their first market success and gained their first significant customers with their innovative lighting concepts. systec lighting systems can still be found in the Frankfurt headquarters of several banks and in the European Patent Office in Munich.

A brilliant idea achieves the real breakthrough

In its constant search for new product ideas systec created and patented the first coin deposit lock for supermarket trolleys in 1981. This signified systec’s first major breakthrough and as a result the company grew from a ten man development team to a global market leader in coin deposit systems with over 80 employees.

Our recipe for success: Building trust through quality products

systec succeeded in establishing a strong partnership with all leading trolley manufacturers worldwide in just a short time. Delivery reliability, consistently high product quality, ISO certified processes and low installation and maintenance costs were the basic principles behind this success. 5000 product variants are currently being used successfully in over 50 countries. When it comes to international expansion retailers such as Metro, Carrefour, Wal Mart and Rewe rely upon systec’s more than 20 years of experience.

systec sets standards

The character of the coin deposit lock has changed significantly over the years. Today the demand is for small, inconspicuous and easy to use locks rather than the large and bulky locks of the past. systec has always set the trends, from the slider lock - with its obvious functionality, to the uniloc -the first one step operated coin deposit lock, through to the euroloc - the lock which is fully integrated into the trolley handle.

Customer benefits: Reduce costs and create revenue

Since developing the first coin deposit systems for shopping trolleys, systec has constantly developed and expanded its product range from the coin lock to the first patented automatic seatbelt for shopping trolleys to ergonomic handles and various smart phone docking stations for trolley handles.

systec represents continuity – in the past and future

The company is still privately owned. This not only ensures entrepreneurial freedom but also reflects the consistency and reliability that characterises its relationships with both its customers and employees. systec will continue to concentrate on its core business in the future and in close cooperation with our customers will continue to set the trends. A further corporate goal is to increase the efficiency of all our business processes. The custom-built company headquarters in Puchheim with short communication channels offer the ideal conditions to achieve our goals.