• How it works

    The new electronic shopping trolley lock e-Loc is fully integrated into the systec ergoNext handle. The operating principle is very simple: The smartphone is placed on the handle of the shopping trolley and an NFC signal unlocks the mechanism and the shopping trolley can be removed.

  • Bonus

    As an incentive for the customer to return the trolley after shopping, the retailer can offer digital bonus points or coupons as part of a customer loyalty program.
    Alternatively, returning the shopping trolley can be combined with making a donation to a good cause. From climate-neutral shopping to cancer aid, the possibilities are numerous.

    At the end of the day, everyone benefits: the charitable organisation, the customer who returns his shopping trolley in the knowledge that he is doing something good and the retailer who has a tidy car park.

  • App integration

    For retailers to easily integrate the e-Loc function into their own apps, systec will provide appropriate software libraries (SDK’s) which will enable the trolley lock function to be integrated into the retailer’s app.

    The systec app integration creates a great opportunity for the retailer to communicate with their customers. By unlocking the trolley, the customer has to open the app and is therefore open for communication already before entering the store.