Sturdy and colourful

Since it was introduced in 1994, duraloc has proved its worth worldwide thanks to its extremely robust housing. With the various colour combinations for the housing and cap you can choose your duraloc to complement your brand identity.

The systec duraloc is highly tamper-proof and is also available with our linestop colours option which limits the length of shopping trolley rows. 

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  • Universal

    The easy to handle duraloc fits all trolley types.

  • Extremely robust

    A strong safety shell buffers against blows and protects the mechanical parts inside.

  • Service friendly

    The coin cassette can be replaced easily and quickly.

  • linestop colours

    No more blocked access roads, emergency exits or parking spaces and no more endless rows of trolleys. The length of each row of shopping trolleys can be restricted using linestop colours. Each row has its own colour. By using coded keys and appropriately coded trolley locks, only red can be attached to red, yellow to yellow etc.. The customer returns his trolley to the row where he got it from. Quite simple.

    The number of trolley locks per colour determines the maximum row size. The linestop colours system is available exclusively for systec trolley locks. Several major European retail chains are already successfully using it.

    linestop colours gives excellent value for money. It costs only slightly more than the standard duraloc, but the car park can be effectively organised.