ergogrip FG

Easy handling and effective advertising

With the new ergogrip FG easy manoeuvring even of large shopping trolleys is guaranteed. The oval shaped handle with the integrated advertising panel sits perfectly in the hand.

The large advertising display area on the optional ergoclip for private label or third-party adverts is ideal for generating additional turnover.

Particularly customer friendly is our scannerholder for Motorola scanners.

The ergogrip FG comes with a built in antistatic function which effectively prevents electrostatic shocks.

Another clever feature is the availability of two coin locks for the ergogrip FG. Either the euroloc which is neatly integrated in the handle and extremely robust or the ergoloc which takes cards and coins.

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  • Purely functional

    The ergonomic design and the antistatic function ensure that the ergogrip sits comfortably in the hand.

  • Ergonomic upgrade

    Perfect ergonomic design in combination with ergosticks.

  • Additional business

    Generate extra turnover using the ergogrip's generous advertising panel for private label or third party advertising.

  • Quick & up to date

    The advertising label can be changed in a matter of seconds so that it always shows the latest store promotions.

  • Secure

    This special holder keeps the Motorola scanner securely in place.

  • Antistatic

    The two-component material stops the build-up of electro-static charge in the trolley.

  • ergoloc

    ergogrip FG can be combined with our euroloc or with the pictured ergoloc. Both coin locks can be neatly integrated with the advertising panel called ergoclip. The ergoloc works with coins and/or the systec KeyCard.

  • euroloc

    The euroloc is the "built in" coin lock solution for the ergogrip FG.

  • Attractive

    The patented systec KeyCard promotes customer loyalty. Additonally it offers a double sided advertising panel and is not currency dependent.

  • Modular with ergoloc

    The ergogrip FG can easily be upgraded with the ergoloc and the advertising panel ergoclip.

  • Modular with euroloc

    The ergogrip FG can easily be upgraded with the euroloc and the advertising panel ergoclip.

    • Durable

      Key and chain are made of stainless steel. The special S-shaped key guarantees a high level of stability.