systec, the number one for shopping trolley accessories

systec is the Number One for shopping trolley accessories worldwide. The product range includes coin deposit systems, ergonomic advertising handles, smartphone docking stations, seatbelts and wheel-lock systems for shopping trolleys. With the new liveTec docking station for smartphones, customers can securely attach their smartphone to the trolley handle while shopping. This allows the easy use of retailer applications such as self-scanning, mobile payment or interactive shopping lists.

systec is a partner to all leading trolley manufacturers and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. The name systec stands for innovation, absolute delivery reliability and excellent quality. You can rely on us!


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smartphone Docking Station
livetec easy 

liveTec EASY provides an easy and convenient way of using your smartphone in the supermarket. Mobile applications such as self-scanning and mobile payment can be easily used.