liveTec EASY

Shopping with your smartphone - easy and hygienic

liveTec EASY from systec is an innovative new smartphone holder system which makes using a
cell phone for grocery shopping much easier. Not only is the holder easy to use, it also complies
with hygiene guidelines. The smartphone is simply placed into the EASY from above, avoiding
any contact with the holder, and you are ready to go: Discover offers, find recipes, check shopping
lists, scan products or make a mobile payment. This is all done in next to no time since the smartphone
remains fixed to the cart handle throughout the entire shopping process. The customers hands
are left free to select goods. If the customer moves away from the shopping cart or leaves the
cart unattended, they can quickly and easily remove their cell phone for safekeeping.

Customers are not the only ones to benefit from EASY. Retailers can make use of the EASY for
marketing and advertising purposes to promote the retailer app. Simply attach a QR code to the
EASY and the customer cannot fail to miss it.

By installing the EASY the supermarket offers a special service feature and in doing so ensures
satisfied customers - and satisfied customers are always happy to return.

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  • Contactless
  • Customized
  • One size fits all
  • Must have
  • EASY operation
  • EASY mounting