ergo xt

Perfect economics for your shopping cart

Quickly assembled, the ergo XT transforms ordinary shopping carts into an easily maneuverable solution for transporting goods. The ergonomic design of the uprights perfectly optimizes the distribution of steering and pushing forces.  Even fully loaded shopping carts can be controlled with ease. Customers experience shopping in a more relaxed way, stay longer in the store and can boost sales through spontaneous additional purchases. 

The ergo XT not only offers greater ease of use, it also looks great. With the fresh design
of the ergo XT, an ordinary shopping cart looks much more stylish and makes the shopping experience more pleasurable.

The standard antistatic function protects customers from annoying electric shocks.

The ergo XT fits all standard shopping carts.

  • Ergonomic 
  • Great look
  • Antistatic
  • Easy mounting